Council Adopts Bill to Address Most Egregious Blighted Properties

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Photo: Emily Metcalf

REPORT FROM THE OFFICE OF COUNCIL MEMBER STANLEY CHANG – The Honolulu City Council today adopted Bill 3 (2013) Relating to the Disposal of Weeds, Garbage, Trash and Waste from Property. The bill raises the maximum fine for property owners who don’t maintain their properties which include the non-removal of trash and overgrown weeds.

“The new law is not meant to go after the average homeowner, but intended to provide the Department of Planning and Permitting with greater resources to penalize homeowners who are uncooperative or unwilling to work with the department,” said Councilmember Stanley Chang who introduced the bill.


“Since I first took office, my office has received several complaints from homeowners complaining of neighbors who refuse to remove trash on their properties or failing to maintain derelict homes. As we have seen from many who testified on this measure, this is an island-wide problem and many homeowners are concerned about these properties affecting their property values.”

Currently, the maximum fine allowable per day for non-removal of weeds and trash is $1000. The new law would allow the department to fine violators up to $5000 per day.

The Council unanimously passed the bill which also included a floor draft which would allow the department to notify the owner of the violation through publication in a local newspaper or by posting a copy of the notice of violation, if the owner cannot be reached by certified or registered mail.

The bill now goes to Mayor for his signature and is effective upon approval.





  1. If enforced evenly across the island, this bill will be a serious problem for some of Hawaii's poorest homeowners…heck, half of the houses in Waianae, Papakolea & inner Kalihi have been "blighted" for years, with absolutely no indication that those homeowners EVER intend to clean up their properties!!

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