Pritchett’s Pen: HART Picks Lemons, Ansaldo Rail Cars

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Honolulu Rail Transit Cartoon
HART Picks Lemons, Ansaldo Rail Cars





  1. Unfortunately, the Judges wallets are being filled with big dollars right now, so do not be surprised when rail gets the go ahead next month.

    Money is the root of evil when politicians are involved.

  2. Kirk better know what he's able to handle, has issues that are serious just like this.
    A few weeks, ago, a retired HPD major peaded guilty for crimes to earn money despite earning $76,000 annually and had a pension of $380,000 that would increase substantially upon his retirement with the county contribution.
    3 weeks ago it was private contracter work on roads creating problems, go to:

  3. I always enjoy his cartoons. This is a great way of getting your message across, no matter what that message is.

  4. This is a very nice comic… also the reference is awesome! But, as crazy as it may seem, this kind of design, possible car design, is not as half as what I've seen on Now those guys have some imagination… I mean you can't think about building things like that, not even in your wildest imagination…

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