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David Ige
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David Ige
David Ige

REPORT FROM DAVID IGE’S CAMPAIGN FOR GOVERNOR – HONOLULU – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Senator David Ige showed poise and leadership in addressing the difficult issues that face our state. From addressing the issues surrounding Hawaii’s Health Systems Corporation, development in Kaka`ako and leadership at the University of Hawaii, Ige comfortably articulated his positions on each topic. Democrat Senator Ige’s direct answers exemplify his proven track record of being a strong, honest leader.

At tonight’s forum, Democrat David Ige highlighted his record of authoring the first public charter school law and passing the first public school reform bill in his efforts to provide children with the best education available. He also talked about his early efforts to support the economy by bringing the first venture capital program to Hawaii and supporting the consumer through auto insurance reform.


Ige has spent 29 years in the Legislature bringing both legislators and constituents together, leading them to consensus on difficult problems. As Governor, he will continue his record of bringing people and communities together to create a stronger Hawaii.

As the son of a steelworker father and nurse mother, David Ige, with his five brothers, learned a strong work ethic and the struggles to make ends meet. His decisions and leadership are based on these experiences, as he is a strong advocate for the working class and creating meaningful job opportunities in Hawaii.

The Democratic ticket of Ige-Tsutsui is the team running for office for the right reasons with the right priorities for positive change.

Democrat Senator Ige has agreed to 11 more debates and forums to give the public many opportunities to hear his positions. Please visit for the campaign event schedule.

With nearly 30 years in the state Legislature, candidate for governor Senator David Ige has built a solid reputation as a decisive, honest and innovative leader. He has been the chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for the past four years, helping to shape and balance the state’s budget. Senator Ige has led a total of 10 House and Senate committees, including Higher Education, Education and Technology, Health, Hawaiian Affairs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Consumer Protection and Information Technology. This year he was named one of the 13 “tech-savviest” state legislators in the nation by Government Technology magazine. Senator Ige has been at the forefront of applying technology solutions and information technology in government and education. More information on Senator Ige and his candidacy are available at

Lieutenant Governor Shan S. Tsutsui became the 12th Lieutenant Governor of the State of Hawaii at the end of 2012. He is a member of the Committee on State Strategies on International Affairs and State Strategies on Energy for the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association and serves as treasurer for the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association. Some of his key initiatives include R.E.A.C.H. (Resources for Enrichment, Academics, Culture and Health), an after-school initiative for intermediate/middle school students; the Hawaii Sports Development Initiative; and the Hawaii Presidential Center. Before becoming Lt. Governor, Tsutsui had been serving as President of the Senate for two years, making him the first Senator from Maui to serve as Senate President.  As a freshman Senator, Tsutsui became Senate Majority Caucus Leader, a position he held until 2010. Lt. Governor Tsutsui continues to be committed to improving our economy, providing high-quality education for our keiki and supporting renewable energy initiatives.  For more information on Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui’s candidacy, go to





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