Dennis Fowler: Kauai County Candidate

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Kauai County Candidate Questionnaire for 2010

Name: Dennis Fowler


Current job: Loan Control Officer


Residence, how long you’ve lived in the district: 2 and ½ years


Background that qualifies you for the position: Businessman, served on several Boards (Homeowner Assoc, Basketball Officials, Youth Sports)


What else have you run for? Have you been in public office before and if so, what position? Never ran for office before


What are the biggest issue in your district and your proposed solutions? The most important issue is the County Manager initiative which needs to be brought to the people of Kauai for a vote


What is your position on county taxes and fees? Are they high enough or should they continue to increase? County taxes and fees are definitely high enough – there is no way they should continue to rise given the current economy


Would you sign a pledge not to raise taxes in the future by introducing legislation or supporting legislation that raises taxes? I would pledge not to raise taxes and do my best to see that the council and the mayor stay within the budget


Please share the most interesting thing about yourself. Professionally, most people view me as a fair and objective person who listens to all sides before reaching a conclusion.  On a personal basis, set a goal, made sacrifices and ultimately moved to Kauai to live the dream!


If you could ask any of your competitors one question, what would you ask and to who? How can the Council Chair participate in bickering and exhibit a lack of control during council meetings? Ask of Kaipo Asing.


Endorsements? None.  Indebtedness – none.


Contact information


Phone:   808-826-0030


Mail: Box 223554  Princeville, HI 96722

Campaign Slogan or Theme (optional) LISTEN! For a change.  For a change, LISTEN!