Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii, Airs August 11

Elvis (courtesy PBS Hawaii)
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Elvis (courtesy PBS Hawaii)

On January 14, 1973, Elvis Presley staged a live performance at the old Honolulu International Center (Neal Blaisdell Center) that put Hawaii on the map in more ways than one. It was the first international satellite broadcast of a solo performer – no less than the king of rock and roll himself. And the world heard Elvis sing Kui Lee’s “I’ll Remember You” during the concert benefit for the late Hawaii composer’s cancer fund.

Forty years later, PBS Hawaii airs the original broadcast Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii on Sunday, August 11 at 7:00 pm. PBS Hawaii President and CEO Leslie Wilcox and legendary promoter Tom Moffatt will co-host the live pledge-of-support program. Among the guests in the studio will be sisters Vicky Tiu Cayetano and Ginny Tiu, who were child actors in several Elvis movies.


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  1. Thirty five yeras after passing away, Elvis still contributes to causes he always felt needed a push, but without getting himself the credit for. In Hawaii, alone, his 1961 concret gave meaning to what was initially a somewhat weak proposal by Congress to build the Arizona Memorial, which is today the island's greatest tourist attraction, with more than 50 million visitors since it opened in 1963. Then came the 1973 concert. and the rest is history. Presley is the only Anerican who was neither a politician or a spiritual figure who has had a direct influence in the development of areas not related to his profession namely and most notably those in the tourism and copyrights industries, in at least 4 states of the Union, namely Missisippi, Tennesse, Nevada and Hawaii.

  2. Back in 1957 I was playing with the Hawaiian Rams, a semi-pro football team. We practiced at Moiliili field across from the old Honolulu Stadium and used a locker room under the Diamond Head – Makai side of the stadium. One day shortly after Elvis put on his show, and after practice, I decided to watch a high school football game. A friend of mine, Pipi Wakayama, a professional photographer saw me in the stands and gave me an envelope containing about 20 eight by ten, black and white photographs of Elvis performing on stage. As I was looking through the pictures, three teenage girls suddenly were leaning over my back, gushing at the photos. I was not a fan of Elvis so I asked them if they wanted the pictures. You would have thought I gave them the keys to heaven. Funny, I later married a girl who had every album Elvis ever made.

    • came across your email….My name is Brad Wakayama..Pipi was my uncle, my dad's youngest brother. He gave me a couple pictures of Elvis, but mostly B & W from the Hula Bowl Games. I moved to mainland as a young boy so I didn't know my uncle well. He was a character from what I hear.

  3. Amazing artist! He will never be forgotten! I still listen to his songs and loving every minute of them.

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