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BY SAM SLOM Flying the Coop. Last week, Kentucky Fried Chicken closed in Niu Valley and Kapahulu Avenue. This followed the closure on Keeaumoku Street. Where have all the chickens gone?



Yum! While other restaurants are closing because of Hawaii’s tough business climate, there are some success stories. The Hawaii Restaurant Association announced the local winners of this year’s Restaurant Neighbor Awards, presented by the National Restaurant Association to recognize outstanding community service among our nation’s restaurants. Da Kitchen, with two locations on Maui, and Papa John’s Hawaii, with multiple locations on Oahu, won our state awards.


Ashford Confirmed. During a Special Senate Session, Monday and Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary & Labor Committee held an “advise and consent” public hearing on the nomination of attorney James Ashford, a partner of Cades Shutte, for a District Court Judge post in the First Circuit in Honolulu. Yesterday, the Senate unanimously confirmed Ashford.


PBN Fastest 50. Join Pacific Business News and sponsors to celebrate the “Speed of Small Business” at the 19th Annual Hawaii’s Fastest 50 awards event on Thursday, August 15, at the Hawaii Convention Center (Oahu Ballroom). The host will be Hawaii News Now Anchor Keahi Tucker. Guest speaker will be Peter B.H. Kim, president of PBHK, Inc. operating Yummy Korean BBQ, Lahaina Chicken Company, Mama’s Spaghetti House, Cheeseburger Factory, Steak and Fish Company, and more. Register today with PBN.


Malama Maunalua. Supporters of Maunalua Bay present the Malama Maunalua Dine Around, next Tuesday, August 13, 6-9 pm at Koko Marina Center (check in at Kona Brewery). For more info, email:


I Love Liliha. The annual “I Love Liliha Street Festival” now celebrating its 10th year, will begin August 25. Fun run, music, food-don’t forget the cocoa puffs-are all a part of this community entertainment event.


New Chamber PresidentSherry Menor-McNamara will succeed Jim Tollefson as President of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii at the end of this month.


Honolulu Mag Job Opening.

Honolulu magazine has posted a job opening for editor of the historic Honolulu publication. The very talented A. Kam Napier is the present editor and has won many awards for his work. See his column about his departure. Click here. 


Mehealani to Shriners. Mahealani Richardson, a 10-year veteran of KITV, is reportedly leaving television to do public relations for the Shriners Hospital later this month.


Off With Your Head? A former acquaintance of Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has told the FBI and media that he plans to behead Gabbard because she has destroyed his life. The FBI is looking for the man who told Hawaii Reporter in an email that he has left the country. Who knew politics could be so dangerous?


Boondoggle Gets National Attention. Reason produced a short film on the Honolulu rail project entitled Light-Rail to Nowhere: Honolulu, Hawaii’s Train Boondoggle”

that received considerable national attention. The film features University of Hawaii Professor Panos Prevedouros, former Gov. Ben Cayetano and Honolulu businessman Cliff Slaterdiscussing the city’s plans to build a $5.2 billion elevated steel on steel rail system from Kapolei to Ala Moana Center. See it here> 


Slater, who runs, and Cayetano are two of 8 plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit challenging the city and FTA in federal court over the rail project. The case is now before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


Thanks to a request by Hawaii Reporter and the cooperation of the judges at the U.S. District Court, the hearing v. FTA will be broadcast by live video feed on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 11am HST in the Aha Nonoi room on the 4th floor of the U.S. District Court.  The hearing is open to the public.


If you still think we can afford a $5 billion rail system plus the maintenance and upkeep, you might want to read Paradise lost: Honolulu taxpayers drowning in crystal clear sea of debt”in Hawaii Reporter. As Malia Zimmerman notes in her article that went national, the Honolulu City Council wants to cover $2 billion in costs for operations, another $15 billion for infrastructure repairs. Honolulu City Council Budget ChairmanAnn Kobayashi is among the people sharing her concern about the mounting bills, and about how Oahu’s aging population will pay them.

Death for Ariel Castro. Are you kidding me? Ariel Castro of Cleveland, a true sexual predator monster, was sentenced to “life plus 1,000 years” for the kidnapping and rape of three women he held captive for years. This is where the death penalty is called for. His statements at his sentencing were classic: He was only taking care of the three women for 10 years, that he never beat or hurt them and he was the victim. He blamed his addiction to porn.


Hilo Hattie and Coffee. Hilo Hattie is partnering with the Hawaii Coffee Association, launching a line of products to celebrate the 200th anniversary of cultivating coffee in Hawaii. The first evidence of the introduction of coffee plants to the Hawaiian Islands is a journal entry by Don Francisco de Paula y Marin dated January 21, 1813, of having planted coffee seedlings on Oahu. While not much is known of the fate of those first plants, it set the stage for a coffee industry that is cultivated by hundreds of farmers and stretches from Hawaii Island to Kauai.


Filipino Society Recognizes Kaeo. The Filipino American Multi Ethnic Society recently recognized SBH member Jan Kaeo. FAMES is a local non-profit organization committed to mentoring, educating, motivating, and developing leadership for business owners and entrepreneurs. Annually, a business workshop is held to allow successful individuals from various fields to inspire others to reach their goals.


Jan Kaeo has spent most of her career in sales and marketing. For 11 years, she worked for several major media firms in Honolulu including Cox Radio, KGMB 9 and KHON TV2. She was part of the startup sales force when 15 Craigside opened and also was the Director of Marketing for Arcadia Community Service. She now heads Dale Carnegie Hawaii.


Kaeo at August 25 SBH SUNRISE. Hawaii head of the Dale Carnegie courses and marketing specialist Jan Kaeo will speak at the next monthly SBH SUNRISE Networking Breakfast, Thursday, August 29, from 7-8:30 a.m. at the Pineapple Room, Macy’s, Ala Moana Center. Her topic will deal with employee and customer relations. Networking, full breakfast buffet and business updates. All participants will be introduced. Come, say Aloha to our new SBH Assistant,Jaynahe Self, who joins us August 1. Info and reservations, call SBH at 396-1724.


“A Better Day” on TV.

Senator Sam Slom Hosts Fred Hemmings on “A Better Day.” Click here to view


Olelo schedule. All on “VIEWS” Channel 54

8/13    Tuesday     8:30am

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Reapportionment Update on TV.

Tune in “Better Government” on Olelo TV this month for an update on Reapportionment in Hawaii with Michael Palcic, Chair,


Oahu Advisory Council on Reapportionment.”

Click here to view

Olelo schedule (All on “VIEWS” Channel 54)

8/12    Monday    3:00pm

8/19    Monday    3:00pm

8/26    Monday    3:00pm

9/02    Monday    3:00pm.


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