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By Alfred P. Sarmento – Reading the news these last few weeks has revealed a vast number of Obama administration scandals that heretofore have remained safely hidden from the view of your average American citizen. It’s an open secret that Obama and his administration have been protected from outright public scandal due to an un-arguable major media bias through the last election; well, not any more.

It seems that every day brings a new scandal to the fore; high lighting ever more unethical behavior perpetrated by what can now only be described as America’s most evil administration anyone has ever seen.


First was the attack and murder of our Libyan Ambassador and three others by Al Qaeda thugs, whilst our teleprompter in chief and his staff slept and diddled away American lives; in what can only be described as a juvenile posture, a la Alfred E. Newman, of “what, me worry?” Apparently expecting Al Qaeda attacks on our foreign diplomatic outposts in lawless Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 is too much to expect of this crowd. It’s amazing how grown men and women could excuse such aberrant behavior from any president, regardless of party. Today, however, it seems that ethics has no home in the Democrat Party.

Next. As if “hubris” is not the watchword for today’s powerful elite: two wacko birds from Chechnya are allowed to set off home made bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line killing and maiming innocents by the dozens. Do you think I’m being unfair in characterizing this administration as partially responsible for this reprehensible act of terror?

Perhaps, but they were warned about the terrorist connections of one brother by the Russians who actually remember Beslan, and did nothing with the information. That’s hardly facing up to their responsibilities.

In May, I read the first reports of the most unconstitutional scandal of all. Our Internal Revenue Service was very busy during the last election season putting the screws to every tea party 401(c)4 and Christian evangelical charity they could find. They demanded reams of useless information never asked of similar socialist leaning organizations and outright demanded Christian churches keep silent about and quit protesting that most reprehensible form of infanticide known to man: abortions.

Still not convinced that Obama, his administration and their supporters should be run out of Washington D.C. on a rail? Wait, there is a plethora of additional scandals left to explore.

We now know that the US Department of Justice and it’s infamous Obama “lap dog” Attorney General Eric Holder has been tapping the phones, computers and e-mail of Fox News and other reporters under the fig leaf that they know who is “leaking” sensitive information about Obama and his administration. Never mind that such actions are clearly unconstitutional. Obama has now put Eric Holder in charge of investigating Eric Holder! Even the term “hubris” does this attitude injustice. The only explanation that fits is that Obama and his administration and supporters could care less about the constitutionality of any issue. They lie, stall and obfuscate and if that doesn’t suffice they do it all again in a direct slap in the face to all American’s who hold our leaders to traditional high moral standards.

Recently, a Mr. Snowdon, a Hawaii resident and former employee of Booze Allen Corporation fled to Hong Kong and released basic information detailing wide spread NSA spying on all Americans through Verizon and many internet sources. Spying upon our fellow American citizens on a level undreamed of since Orwell wrote “1984”. (Here’s a hint for you. If the words of George Orwell in his book “1984” do not raise alarms about your personal freedoms, you are an idiot who should sue your schools and university for fraud).

Mr. James Clapper the head of the NSA even lied under oath to Congress and the American people last year when asked about such a possibility, he denied it was happening. Stall, lie and obfuscate. Once again, the hallmarks of the Obama administration.

Some phony leaders like Democrat Senator Finestien and Republican Senator McCain contend that to stop terrorism here at home we need government to spy on us like the NSA has. BULL. Any government guilty of offenses like the IRS scandal can not be reasonably trusted with the power they suggest, period.

Furthermore, even when presented with facts about terrorist connections from a foreign government, our NSA, CIA, FBI and Homeland Security could not muster the courage to investigate the Tsarnaevs’ and save American lives in Boston. This is just another case of overblown and wasteful spending masquerading as an intelligence tool all the while destroying our rights on the altar of the almighty dollar. Influence peddling at the expense of our traditional constitutional freedoms.

I now read of numerous recent instances where members of our military have been prosecuted, berated, discriminated against and lectured to by their military political leadership for openly practicing evangelical Christianity, having conservative leanings,even conservative or Christian bumper stickers and books at desks are reasons to investigate our servicemen and women. Clear shades of the “Zampolit”, the KGB political police that used to prowl the Red Army until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Today, only pro homosexual positions are allowed to be publicly proclaimed in the mainstream media. It is now the defacto standard in all branches of the US military, where traditional Christian views are being deemed outright unconstitutional and worthy of derision and prosecution.

In case you don’t get it Mr. President, we as a nation are at war with radical Muslim fundamentalists, Wahabists’, Al Qeda and other assorted mental midgets out of the 12th century; NOT with my fellow humble Christians who care enough to spread the “good news” of Jesus Christ and the importance of The Bible in our lives. We are not your enemies despite how shabbily you and your ilk treat us today. We merely try and implore our fellow sinners to turn from lives of sin and look forward to our souls glorious afterlife with God through Jesus Christ. We force no one, only convicting others minds though the words of God. It is not Christians who are blowing up your fellow citizens, murdering countless others around the world, unlike the virulent strains of Muslims we see in the news daily.

President Obama and his two administrations have stood by while vast territories in the middle east, north Africa and elsewhere have been overrun by radical fundamentalist Muslims. We are now witnessing an unprecedented wave of refugees leaving countries where they have lived since biblical times; a situation unseen in this world since the 12th century. Traditional Christian populations throughout those lands have been subjected to countless terrors and murderous mistreatment, all the while this president, his administration and supporters stand silent, unable to muster even the courage to proclaim their opposition to such inhumanity.

These scandals portend a second American revolution if we, as Americans, can not agree to the seriousness of these events and how to prosecute all of those responsible regardless of their position. America as a republic can not survive in freedom while the jack boots of tyranny are pressing down on the throats of our friends and neighbors. Today, Obama and his administration is acting as overreaching, progressive criminals. They are doing to our rights what, in the past, no invading army would ever have been allowed to do without a monumental fight.

The loss of our freedoms as espoused by the corrupt Obama administration and their supporters and apologists foretells of a future of slavery for our children. Bring on the re-education camps and bills to our relatives for the bullets you will shoot into the heads of those who disagree with you. Is this the future you wish to leave to your children?

Oh Lord, I pray that this stiff necked, and lost generation in power today, turns from it’s evil ways and returns to a semblance of civility towards their ideological adversaries.

Yes, I am a conservative Christian and a Republican. However, I would fight against any Republican administration that exceeded their constitutional powers as has this administration. The question is now will America’s Democrat Party stand against the tyranny of it’s own leadership? Are there Democrats and Independents amongst you willing to stand for right and freedom as I? We shall see….

Alfred P Sarmento, a resident of Kekaha, Kauai, is the Kauai Republican Party Chair of HD 16





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