GOP Chair: Hawaii Dems Should Stop Whining

Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki to head the Hawaii GOP - again
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Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki to head the Hawaii GOP - again
Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki heads the Hawaii GOP

BY PAT SAIKI – Mark Takai and Hawaii Democrats are whining about television ads produced and paid for by an independent group that points out Takai has voted to raise our taxes, including supporting a bill that would have taxed pensions that are so important to senior citizens. All that complaining is a convenient way for Democrats to try to shift voters’ attention from the facts.

Some of the political TV ads now running – and the one that Takai is most concerned about – are done by so-called independent expenditure committees. These are committees that cannot have any ties to a political campaign. Whether we like them or not, the independent expenditure committees are now a fact of political life and have the backing of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Interestingly, we don’t hear Hawaii Democrats grousing about the $300,000 Hawaii television advertising push by a mainland independent expenditure committee that supports Takai. So that mainland money is OK, but it’s not OK if a similar group opposes Mark Takai? Really?

Let’s get real and focus on the facts. And these are the facts: Mark Takai has said, on the record, that he would support raising taxes; and, the public record shows he supported a bill that would have taxed pension payments.





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