Governor requests presidential declaration for Kilauea lava flow

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Lava field on Hawaii Island  - Photo by Chuck Denny
Lava field on Hawaii Island – Photo by Chuck Denny

HONOLULU – Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed a request today for a Presidential Disaster Declaration asking for federal assistance to supplement local emergency protective measures in response to the ongoing Kilauea Lava Flow.

Emergency protective measures undertaken by Hawaii County include the repair, restoration, and re-establishment of alternate routes in and out of affected communities. State efforts include measures to accommodate approximately 900 schoolchildren that will be displaced by the lava flow, and support to county requests for additional air quality monitoring.


For updates on the Kilauea Lava Flow, visit the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency at






  1. Although it should be obvious Pahoa will be cut off from the highway, finding money to spend on sewers, infrastructure is actually hardest at this point as Neil assumes his buddy B.O. will grant this.
    The Kilauea lava flow has advanced approximately 250 yards since Saturday morning, entering the Pāhoa cemetery grounds

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  2. Why the "f" aren't they digging ruts to encourage the flow to change direction? It doesn't have to be deep, a foot or two and a sturdy dirt wall. It is liquid after all, viscous as hell, but still liquid.

  3. Let's hope for a better situation for those 900 schoolchildren which will be replaced by the way!

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