Gov. Linda Lingle, John Zogby to Keynote 34th Annual SBH Conference on January 13 -Tourism liason Marsha Wienert, World Famous Brander David Tyreman, and other business owners will offer tips for better business in tough times; First ever congressional panel discussion featuring Ed Case, Charles Djou and Colleen Hanabusa will surely spark fireworks.

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The first business conference of the year set for this Wednesday is an action-packed one with congressional candidates debating important issues, local lawmakers sharing their view of what may happen in the next legislative session and successful business owners and a world famous marketing and branding expert sharing tips on how to get through these tough economic times.

Candidates for Congress (1st District) 2010, including former Congressman Ed Case (D), City Council Member Charles Djou (R), and Senate President Colleen Hanabusa (D) will participate in the first public forum ever for this congressional race.


World renowned pollster and author, John Zogby, who will share trends about Hawaii and the future of the American Dream.

And Governor Linda Lingle will also speak at lunch, detailing her accomplishments during the past 8 years and the tasks ahead, especially during tough economic times.

Tourism liaison Marsha Wienert will discuss trends in the visitor industry.

And deputy Prosecutor Paul Mow will give invaluable advice to stop scams and fraud during the economic recovery.


”Morning Speakers:”

*8:00 am – “The Nationalization of Business and Violation of Our Tenth Amendment”, State Senator Fred Hemmings

*8:30 am