Greatest Mom in the World

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BY DYLAN SHANE ENCARNACION – My mom is Darlyn Evangelista.

On this Mother’s Day,  I want to say that she is the greatest mom in the world.


For the past 18 years she has raised me own her own, yes a single parent. Just the two of us is not as easy on us. She spends majority of her time caring and supporting me in all my endeavorers.

She works very hard to be the provider.

I support her on the side with my own part time job.

She is always pushing me to succeed in all aspect of life whether it is academics, or extra-curricular, or career.

My mom always give me opportunities to volunteer with the community, for example Independence Day at Maunalua Bay.

She has raised me to be a well rounded man. She deserves so much more than I could ever give her.

Dylan Shaine Encarnacion is a junior at Kaiser High School