Treadmill Mystery At Hawaiian Home Lands

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BY JIM DOOLEY – Somebody ordered a brand new exercise treadmill and had it delivered to the executive offices of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands last week, but it wasn’t DHHL chairman Alapaki Nahale-a, his office said today.

Nahale-a did not order the treadmill, authorize the ordering or even know about it until after the apparatus was delivered April 29, DHHL spokeswoman Crystal Kua said Friday.


“Certain internal checks and balances, including oversight by the Chairman, were not in place at the time the treadmill was ordered,” Kua said in a written response to questions from Hawaii Reporter.

“The treadmill was ordered within the first three months of the year, during the transition to the current administration,” Kua wrote.

“Those checks and approvals are now in place to insure that this kind of situation does not happen again,” she continued.

“After Chairman (Nahale-a) discovered that the treadmill was delivered to DHHL, he began making arrangements for the treadmill to be returned. No trust funds have been expended for the treadmill,” she said.

“We are continuing to look into the ordering of the treadmill,” Kua said.

“This action was wrong and actions like this will not be tolerated by this administration in the future,” Kua said.

The apparatus was initially placed in a room at DHHL’s headquarters.

The cost and type of the apparatus are questions yet to be answered.

An online check of the Sports Authority website showed treadmill prices ranging from $180 to $2,850.




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