Ed Case on Hawaii Gubernatorial Candidate Mufi Hannemann: Most Dangerous Politician in a Generation

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BY ED CASE – In the Democratic primary for Governor, I support Neil Abercrombie.

This may surprise some, as Abercrombie hasn’t supported my every campaign and we don’t agree on all issues. But the choice for us all in that primary, between Abercrombie and Mufi Hannemann, is about far more than anything like that: it’s about what Hawai‘i we want.


I’ve known and worked with Abercrombie for over two decades, including four good years together as Hawai‘i’s Congressmen. Throughout a two-decade congressional career, Neil was an effective advocate for Hawai‘i in both Republican and Democratic administrations and majorities, was responsible for crucial defense and other federal budgets, and always took care of the folks back home. Throughout, he’s been deeply committed to Hawai‘i, independent in thought and action, capable of defending what should be preserved and changing what should not, and passionate about making our government work for all. In experience, character, perspective and commitment, he would serve us well as our Governor.

I’ve known and worked with Hannemann for the same period, and once saw him as a leader for Hawai‘i today and tomorrow. But, as I’ve watched him in public office, I’ve come to view him as the most dangerous politician in a generation, because his talents mask an agenda which, if successful, will set Hawai‘i back a generation. He is the product and clear choice of a political machine that must end. While professing unity, he’s practiced the politics of division, exploiting rather than healing differences of race, origin and economic status. He has governed by fear and intimidation, rewarding compliance and punishing disagreement. His policy decisions have too often focused on short-term avoidance at the expense of longterm solutions. All spin aside, none of that would serve us well as our Governor.

I want a Hawai‘i of inclusion. Of honest and accessible government for all. A government committed to both preserving our soul and finding better ways to a better future. And I want leaders I can trust to get us there. At the end of the day, after everything else is considered and all the shouting is pau, I simply trust Neil Abercrombie and don’t trust Mufi Hannemann.

A final thought. Some are undecided today among Abercrombie, Hannemann and Duke Aiona, or are supportive of Aiona. Abercrombie and Aiona differ on various issues, but they’re both honest, independent, experienced candidates capable of governing competently and inclusively. It would be a singular achievement for us all to vote in the Democratic primary to reject the brand of fear-based exclusionary machine politics practiced by Hannemann, and to then each and all make an issues-based choice between Abercrombie and Aiona in the general election.

Ed Case is a former congressman (2002-2007) and former Hawaii state lawmaker.





  1. Mufi may be the “most dangerous politician in a generation”, but how many generations will it take for Hawaii and the rest of the US to recover from Abercrombie’s enthusiastic support of Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies? While mainlanders are awakening to this reality, do we really want to send Hawaii in the opposite direction?

  2. I’m sorry Ed Case, but I consider Amercrombie to be far more dangerous for Hawaii that Hannemann. Earlier this year Abercrombie pushed through the House the most radical, dangerous version of the Akaka bill there has ever been. Then, at the end of that week he resigned to come home and run for Governor. If Abercrombie becomes Governor, he will then be the most powerful person in Hawaii in deciding how much land and money and jurisdiction to transfer out of the State of Hawaii and into the new tribe he created. He has said in “Indian Country Today” that all the ceded lands rightfully belong to Native Hawaiians, and he pegged that at 2.2 Million acres. Abercrombie will become the Great White Father to the Akakakanaka tribe. I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

  3. https://olelo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=30&clip_id=14716

    This is just one of many of Mufi Hannemann’s subversion of laws. He talks about transparency and community engagement. But the folks in low-income Hauula were never consulted. He would not act this way if this was in Kahala or Hawaii Kai. This is no way to treat private property rights. How many private property owners are going to be ousted out of their properties when the rail and TOD – Transit Oriented Development – is implemented?

  4. Just one more example:

    Mufi Hannmenn’s PR representative Bryan Mick, Community Relations, continue to attend the Koolauloa Neighborhood Board meetings to attack the owner. Mick refused to address questions as to WHY THE CITY DID NOT INFORM HAUULA about the Hauula Fire Station Relocation project.

    Residents also complain about the Neighborhood Board minutes are being manipulated and sanitized to reflect the city’s agenda. The minutes does not accurately reflect what happens during the meetings. Residents also called the Neighborhood Commission to complain. Guess who picked up the phone? Bryan Mick.

    You don’t think Mufi and his cronies are dangerous? Taxpayers are paying these cartel operatives !!!!!

    Why does the Hauula Fire Station Relocation cost $13 Million when the new McCully-Moilili Station only cost $4 Million? Why did the city hid this from Hauula?

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