Hawaii Dynamic Jazz Duo, Ginai and Pierre Grill, Debut New Album, ‘Come Together’

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One of Hawaii’s most famous vocalists GINAI and multi-talented musician Pierre Grill, recently debuted their new album “Come Together” at Brasserie du Vin.

Come Together combines “an eclectic jazz approach to classic with the best of the pop music.” This is the musical duo’s second album.


GINAI and Grill compliment each other, and create a dynamic performance with a swinging beat. Ginai, who has an amazing voice, is sweet, and fills the room with love energy when she sings. Pierre is a comical French man, a real “One Man Band”, who sometimes plays piano with his left hand, saxophone with his right hand and drums with his feet.

Grill says “we never make plans before a show, we always improvise and that’s easy because we both inspire each other.”

Not surprising that “Come Together” won the 2009 Hawaii Music Awards as the Best Jazz CD.

Discover this album on GINAI’s web site https://ginai.com/ or Grill’s web site https://www.pierregrill.com/

‘Juliette Dekeyser is a French student studying journalism in Hawaii through an internship with Hawaii Reporter. Reach her at mailto:juliette.dekeyser@wanadoo.fr’