Hawaii Island Community Launches Worldwide Voyage

Hokulea (photo by Teresa Tico)
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Hokulea (photo by Teresa Tico)

Palekai, Radio Bay, Hilo, Island of Hawai‘i-  Under sunny skies in Hilo, crewmembers of sister voyaging canoes Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual readiness required to share the values of Hawai‘i with the world.

During an ‘awa ceremony begun at high noon yesterday and hosted by the Keaukaha community, voyaging leadership from throughout Hawaii reinforced relationships among their communities, and they made commitments to the next generation of voyagers.


Appreciation was expressed to the Keaukaha community for its long-term support of the perpetuation of voyaging and to the education of their youth with ocean skills and voyaging values.

The two wa‘a kaulua, double-hulled canoes, were nearby in Radio Bay, having arrived there from Kawaihae earlier in the week.  Throughout the day, children played on and swam around them, and outrigger canoes shuttled others back and forth to visit the voyaging vessels.

Mālama Honua, the Worldwide Voyage, sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines, has officially begun.  The departure from Hilo on or about June 14*, will continue the Mālama Hawai‘i leg of the WWV.  This leg will take both wa‘a to honor and thank communities throughout the Hawaiian Islands for support these past 38 years, and to connect to ‘ohana before the canoes and crews leave Hawai‘i in early 2014*.

For more information about the 4-year-long voyage that will visit more than 20 countries and put in at more than 60 ports, visit PVS’s website.

Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia are anchored in Radio Bay at Palekai, Hilo Harbor, through June 14* for the community to visit.  They are sharing the harbor with two Hilo-based canoes—the coastal wa‘a Kiakahi, which belongs to the Keaukaha community, and the larger wa‘a Hōkūalaka‘i.


Submitted by Kim Ku‘ulei Birnie   





  1. This is very nice. It's important to keep traditions alive and to teach young people about them and about native crafts and occupations.

  2. I think this is really nice. It's something I would take my children too. It promotes a lot of interesting and important things.

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