Hawaii Legislators Misled on Equal Protection

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Hawaii legislators face many claims and demands by homosexuals advocating for civil unions and HB 444. Many of those claims and demands misrepresent the facts.

”Homosexual Advocates Want Legislators Cowering, Not Thinking”


One communication to all legislators demanded, “step up to your constitutional duty to provide equal protection.”

Then, it labeled any who might even consider amending it as cowards suffering from “shrinking spine syndrome” who are trying to hide from their “constitutional duty.”

Homosexual advocates are apparently counting on that label to intimidate legislators and their staffs so they will not find the misrepresentations wrapped within the half truths.

”Hawaii Supreme Court: Marriage Law Does Not Violate the Equal Protection Clause”

The Hawaii constitution does provide that “equal protection of the laws” shall not be denied based on gender.

In 1996, the First Circuit Court ruled that Hawaii’s law limiting marriage to a man and a woman (HRS