Lawmakers Release Plan to Strengthen U.S. Security

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As President Barack Obama struggles with the national security and political failures of his administration — especially the failures of a security team that includes Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Obama’s homeland security advisor John Brennan — members of the U.S. Congress are voicing their skepticism of the president’s future plans.

The top Republicans on the House Intelligence, Armed Services and Homeland Security committees outlined four steps that the Obama administration should take immediately to help improve American security in the wake of a terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound aircraft, the multiple killings at a US military installation in Texas, and the continued push to adjudicate terrorism cases in civilian courts.


“I am concerned that we did not act quickly enough after the Fort Hood incident to fix problems in our national security systems,” said Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. “We need to take immediate and aggressive steps to help prevent another attack. Foreigners should not be given the presumption of the right to freely enter the United States. We also need to stop giving protections to Americans who treasonously associate with al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups that attack our nation and its citizens.”

“As our nation witnessed on Christmas Day, we continue to face a dedicated enemy committed to killing our citizens and destroying our country. This threat does not exist in any one nation or have a single face