Hawaii Republican John Carroll endorses U.S. Senate Democratic Nominee Mazie Hirono

John Carroll
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John Carroll

REPORT FROM JOHN CARROLL’S US SENATE CAMPAIGN – John Carroll, who challenged Linda Lingle to be Hawaii’s U.S. Senate Republican nominee in 2012, endorsed U.S. Democratic nominee Mazie Hirono.

Calling it a “gut decision” about who he personally trusts, Carroll is critical of Lingle’s record. Carroll is not leaving the Republican Party and will be voting for Republican candidates for the U.S. House, State House and State Senate; however, for U.S. Senate, Carroll will not be voting for the Republican nominee, Linda Lingle, and instead for the Democratic nominee.


“I believe that Ms. Lingle is a clear and present danger to the economic and political health of this beloved State of Hawaii,” said Carroll.  “Given her record as Hawaii’s Republican Party Chair from 1999-2002, she only helped to elect one Republican State Senator out of 25 and eight Republican State Representatives out of 51, which is simply abysmal.  Her accomplishments and failures as Governor are equally depressing.”

Carroll cited Lingle’s failure to accept any responsibility for what he terms her poor performance as Hawaii’s governor: “Lingle is saying it’s a ‘myth’ that she was responsible for the furlough Friday situation, the loss of the Superferry and the role she played in our state’s dismal economy and lack of jobs.

“On issues important to me, as a conservative, Lingle offers little or no support. She opposed the maintenance of the Monk Seal sanctuary.  Her failure to audit the DOE after promising to do it within 180 days of taking office, this apparent lack of either understanding OF THE GRAVITY OF HER ACTIONS is most disturbing.

“So, my decision on whom to support is based on my perception of the candidate’s character and sincerity to help Hawaii,” explained Carroll. “Of the two [Lingle and Hirono], I believe Mazie is predictable on issues and is of good and honest character, similar to Senator Daniel Akaka.”

Carroll lost his bid for the Republican nomination to Hawaii’s open U.S. Senate seat to Linda Lingle on August 11, 2012. Although he considers himself a conservative, many of Carroll’s positions on issues, such as his advocacy for increasing tourism as well as pioneering legislation for protecting Hawaii’s environment, are also more in line with Hawaii’s Democratic nominee, Mazie Hirono.

Carroll stated that partisan politics must take a back seat to simple trust in individuals to do the right thing: “When Mazie says she will stay focused on representing the needs of Hawaii’s people, I believe she will do exactly that.  I have no idea which way Ms. Lingle will vote on major issues.”

Carroll has spent virtually all of his adult life contributing to Hawaii’s island community and to our nation. From the days of playing football for the University of Hawaii, to becoming a teacher and instructing at several island schools, to joining the U.S. Army serving in the Korean War, to being elected five times to the Hawaii State Legislature where it was his honor to serve the people of Hawaii 4 terms in the House of Representative and one term as a State Senator.

Carroll served in the Air Force and Hawaii National Guard as a fighter pilot and legal officer (JAG). He was also a Captain for Hawaiian Airlines for 30 years.

Carroll continues to practice law in downtown Honolulu.