RAIL: Who is Going to Pay for City’s Arrogance?

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BY CITY COUNCIL MEMBER TOM BERG – Nobody gains anything by saying – “I told you so.” But because HART was so arrogant and disrespectful of the process, they now have to admit that they got caught acting in bad faith by the Hawaii State Supreme Court. Now the question is, who will pay for any delays in construction? Should the taxpayer pay for HART’s negligence, or should the officials who rammed this rail project through have to pay themselves if any costs are involved?

That is what this youtube is about. Will HART simply drain more money from the rail’s contingency fund (compiled from our GET rail surcharge collections) to pay for any delays, or will HART have to tap into a line of credit if need be should that scenario come into play? I questioned HART on May 23, 2012 on this matter BEFORE the court case was even heard on May 24.



And in this youtube, I made my concerns known on my first day at the City Council- January 26, 2011, that the IWI needed to be resolved FIRST!


Here is a story just released this afternoon on the latest update regarding the halting of construction on the rail project for now:


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