Hirono Challenges Lingle to Defend Tax Cuts

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Mazie Hirono and Linda Lingle

REPORT FROM MAZIE HIRONO’S CAMPAIGN FOR US SENATE – Following today’s vote in the House of Representatives to cut taxes for the richest 2% on the backs of middle class families, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mazie Hirono issued the following statement:

“The Republican plan extends tax credits for millionaires but fails to extend President Obama’s middle class tax cuts to help our middle class working families. Linda Lingle supports her Republican leadership on a plan that reduces tax credits for working families and students to help them afford a college education, and reduces tax credits for families struggling to cope with raising children on modest incomes who are currently helped by the child tax and earned income tax credit.  It is time for Linda to finally stand up to the national Republican Party and side with Hawaii’s middle class for a change.


Linda Lingle must finally explain to the people of Hawaii how she can support continuing to give special tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans while forcing middle class families to make up the difference. It is high time that she explain to us how she can continue to support the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that have added a trillion dollars to our deficit.”

Submitted by Mazie Hirono’s campaign for US Senate