Honolulu Rail Costs $7,600 Per Person

Panos Prevedouros, PHD
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BY PANOS PREVEDOUROS PHD – Humor has an advantage in exposing reality. 17 Miles in just 78 Minutes! All this inconvenience cost him $5 and another $22 to the taxpayer. Enjoy this short YouTube clip and look at the pop ups.

The U.S. Congress is refusing to fund California’s $100 Billion bullet train. Did you know that:


California’s rail at over $100 billion comes to $2,700 per resident, but Hawaii’s rail at over $7 billion comes to $7,600 per resident?

Please SHARE this slideshow.  The $7 Billion rail has had several disguises over the years (congestion relief, growth management, green transit, jobs for construction) but it is simply a taxpayer financed plan for the re-election of the status quo.[1] The same status quo that’s responsible for Hawaii’s insane $40 Billion liability for government pensions and health coverage, sewer mandate, renewable energy mandates, and other infrastructure backlog.

STOP RAIL makes a great Christmas gift to YOU, for years to come! Go to HonoluluTraffic.com and donate. The lawsuit will stop the rail.

As soon as we stop it, we can move to the good news:  Real and affordable solutions for Honolulu abound. Here is a sample: Traffic Congestion, APEC, Hurricanes, Tourism, Energy. How Will Rail and HOT Lanes Do for Honolulu? Please share this with friends and family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Vote out every person who is supporting rail as it is being presented now. This scam will burden Hawaii for the decades if not a century with it’s uselessness, costs, and inept officials who will all be doing anything they can legal or not to control it.

  2. Looks like a deal when people have no problem spending far more on that vehicle, time in traffic while knowing time is $, and cost of fuel. Choices, choices, choices. heh heh heh-mass tranit or hmmm dedication to having a planet or hmmm…me? I choose me or give 7k+ $ of my money to hmmm or me? Right now I have control over others that need faster transit, and I don’t. Do I want to give up my control over others, because they need better transportation than they currently have? Although, no man is an island, i control men living on an island when i deny them the ability to get around faster, better, as well as me! heh heh heh I have power, i can drive, i own a car! heh heh heh

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