Hoover Argued Against Incarcerating Japanese Americans in WWII, While Liberal Leaders Were in Support

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”’Editor’s note: This was sent to The Honolulu Advertiser on Dec. 20, 2005, in response to a column printed in that paper entitled “Bush, Hoover put country to shame” by Nancy Bey Little, but was never printed as of Jan. 5, 2006. In the spirit of the First Amendment, Hawaii Reporter prints all letters and opinions that are clear and signed.”’

Nancy Bey Little’s latest vitrol, “Bush, Hoover put country to
shame”, aimed at both the President and the late J. Edgar Hoover, neglects to mention the well documented fact that Hoover argued with President Roosevelt, Earl Warren, and others against incarcerating Americans of Japanese ancestry during WWII.


Hoover stated strongly that doing so against citizens was both unnecessary and a violation of citizens’ rights and freedom.

He lost the argument to some of the most beloved “liberals” in American history.

Funny, how so many current liberals forget to mention this fact in their selective embrace of freedom.

Most thinking persons would agree that that one act by Hoover was neither “shameful,” nor “ugly,” as Little asserts, but the right thing to do.

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