Message to Cindy Sheehan: I’m No Pawn, I am a Patriot

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I attended Cindy Sheehan’s “Talk Story” in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Jan. 4, 2006, where I am running for the U.S. Congress, and walked away with the understanding that the moderate voice of the Democratic Party must prevail.

But drive on Ms. Sheehan, please. Continue to state in a single sentence that you, “don’t hate George Bush. I just want to see him and his totalitarian clan locked up, for then and only then will the families of those killed in Iraq have justice.”


Drive on, Ms. Sheehan. For the last time the Peace-at-all-costs activists rallied, it was the early and mid-1980s and they galvanized the Right and established a moderate Democratic base who called themselves “Reagan Democrats.”

The last time the far Left rallied behind such an effort, it was against the policy of “Arm to Disarm.” When this Arm to Disarm policy worked, and 500-million people were freed, and their governments were thrown on the dust-heap of morally bankrupt governments, much like the Kingdom of Hawaii, we didn’t hear from the far-Left for another 20 years. In that time we could establish freedom throughout the Middle East, just by demonstrating that liberty in Iraq can work.

Ms. Sheehan, I didn’t volunteer for Operation Iraqi Freedom because I thought there were Weapons of Mass Destruction — I didn’t believe a word of it.

I didn’t volunteer for Operation Induring Freedom just for my buddies, your only excuse for why people serve in America’s Armed Forces.

I volunteered because I felt it my patriotic duty to America and the world to give birth to a new democracy and liberate my fellow Iraqis from those who believe it is their moral duty to cut off the head of people like you, and me.

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