House, Senate Military Affairs Committees to Hear from Military and Defense Contractors on Sequestration

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The House Committee on Veterans, Military & International Affairs, & Culture and the Arts and the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs will hold an informational hearing on the economic impact of the Armed Forces in Hawaii on Wednesday, March 6, at 9 a.m. at the Hawaii State Capitol in Conference Room 309.

The informational briefing is being held to discuss the economic impact of the Armed forces in Hawaii.  It will also address the effects that across the board cuts in the federal budget, known as sequestration, will have on the military in Hawaii.


The following individuals, or their representatives, have been invited to participate in the briefing:

  • Admiral Samuel Locklear, United States Pacific Command
  • General Herbert Carlisle, United States Pacific Air Forces
  • Admiral Cecil Haney, United States Pacific Fleet
  • Lieutenant General Francis Wiercinski, United States Army Pacific
  • Lieutenant General Terry Robling, United States Marine Forces Pacific
  • Rear Admiral Charles Ray, United States Coast Guard, District Fourteen
  • Major General Darryll Wong, Hawaii State Department of Defense

The Committees will also hear from the following invited defense contractors, or their representatives:

  • Alan Hayashi, BAE
  • Bill Ryzewic, BAE Shipyard
  • Ben Nakaoka, Navatek

Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans, Representative K.Mark Takai said, ” the military is an integral part of our community in Hawaii and it goes without saying that what impacts our Armed Forces will affect all of our citizens.  The country’s Defense Department will be hit particularly hard by sequestration and we need to have as much information as we can get to prepare for and deal with this critical issue.”

The briefing will be televised live by Olelo on Channel 49.

The link to the Hearing Notice is posted below: