How Private is Your Facebook Profile?

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Facebook Privacy

Have you checked to see how “secure” your Facebook information is? As many people may know, Facebook has one of the poorest privacy policies and reputation on the Internet. They share way too many items of information about you with third parties, often without your knowledge.


You can analyze and fix most of your privacy levels by running the scanning tool from

A good article on Facebook privacy can also be found at Tidbits, the online Apple Macintosh resource. The Facebook privacy article there applies to users of all computer platforms – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, etc.

How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook

In this screenshot from my Facebook page above using the scanner the green bars at the top indicate that my Facebook profile is in good shape because I have opted out of many sharing options, don’t do third party apps and games. I basically set my privacy levels to the most secure possible setting. A red bar is generally not very good. In my case the scanner flagged the red item and provided me a link to where I can go to fix the problem.

If you are extremely concerned about your Facebook privacy, the best thing to do is discontinue your Facebook account and delete your profile. The Tidbits article has information on how to do that.

Anything you post on the internet is “not private” and stays on the internet practically forever.

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