Politico: Hawaii Govs Battle Over Special

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Hawaii’s governors—past and present—are playing an active role in Saturday’s special election for a vacant Honolulu-based House seat.


Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou’s campaign launched a robocall late last week featuring GOP Gov. Linda Lingle singing Djou’s praises.

“Charles has run a great campaign and his message of lowering the tax burden and creating new jobs and creating new Hawaii jobs is resonating all over the 1st Congressional District,” Lingle says in the robocall.

As Lingle’s call arrived at homes throughout the district, former Democratic governors Ben Cayetano, George Ariyoshi, and John Waihe’e appeared at a news conference on Sunday to launch an assault on Djou.

“I’m convinced more than ever that this guy will march lockstep with the national Republican Party and try to block everything that President Obama is trying to do,” Cayetano said at the news conference, according to an account in the Honolulu Advertiser. “That’s not good for our country. That’s not good for our state.”