How Thermography can PREVENT Breast Cancer

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According to the medical industry, for some unknown reason most women in the US have sick breasts, with over 80% of women experiencing some degree of breast pain and discomfort and/or cysts, and many developing cancer. Doctors say 5-10% of the cancers may be related to genetics, and scratch their heads as to the cause of most other breast cancer cases. 

Since they can’t prevent breast cancer without knowing the cause, early detection and treatment has been sold as the best alternative. They tell women to get regular x-rays of their breasts, called mammograms, to look for a developing tumor so they can cut it out, irradiate it with more x-rays, and/or poison it with chemotherapy. At the end, if necessary, and if you survive, you can get implants that will look better than new, they say.


The Thermography Alternative

Some women, however, do not want to expose their breasts to x-rays, or to this approach to breast care, and have opted for getting a thermogram. Unlike mammograms, thermograms do not emit any radiation, but only detect the skin temperature of the breasts. 

This makes thermograms completely safe to get, unlike x-rays, whose damaging effects are cumulative. This means a lifetime of breast thermograms will cause no harm, while a lifetime of mammograms might cause the cancer it is trying to detect.

The thermogram only measures heat, and the body produces heat as part of normal metabolism. This means thermograms give a picture of the current physiological state of the breasts, as reflected by surface temperature. This will let you know the current state of breast health. 

If the breasts are healthy, due to proper circulation, then they should be cool on a thermogram. 

Unhealthy tissue, however, can have a different heat signature. Cancerous tumors show up as hot areas, for example, since these are areas with increased blood circulation feeding the tumor. This heat shows up on the skin surface, and is picked up by the thermography camera. 

However, there is a clothing factor that needs to be addressed, and undressed. Thermograms are very sensitive to heat, and the clothing you wear before the thermogram can impact the skin temperature. So you must remove your blouse and bra, first.

And there’s the rub! The bra! 

Bras are tight by design, since they reshape and reposition the breasts on the chest wall for fashion purposes. This requires constant pressure applied to the breasts, which interferes with blood and lymphatic circulation. 

While push-up and other cleavage-enhancing bras are the worst for tightness, along with underwire bras, any bra worn too tightly can impair circulation and cause damage. Over 80% of women are wearing bras that are too tight, which the bra industry admits.

Unfortunately, you either circulate or deteriorate. Breasts that are constricted by bras are not just uncomfortable. They are literally stewing in their own toxic juices that cannot be properly flushed away due to bra-caused constriction. 

Bras themselves are pretty toxic, containing phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and a host of “forever chemicals” which leach from the material into the skin. The tight bra then keeps these toxins in the breasts longer, and prevents the immune system from attacking any developing cancer cells. 

Thermograms Show Bra Impacts

All this shows up in breast skin temperature. Areas of inflammation, compression, constriction, and irritation caused by the bra will scream out from the thermogram, giving a clear warning of the impact of the bra on the breasts.

This impact on the breasts does not disappear once you remove the bra for the thermogram. It could take weeks to months for the breasts to recover. 

This means that, when you take a thermogram within minutes of a woman removing her bra, what you are mostly seeing are the impacts of the bra on the breasts. It will show the disease process in action resulting from tight bras. 

If the bra is removed one month prior to the thermogram, then there will be a different picture, usually much cooler. The thermogram will be of a natural breast, not one that is regularly bra-constricted. It will show breast health and circulation at its best, without the pressure and constriction of the bra. 

Avoid False Positives

When reading the thermogram, you are looking for heat anomalies, which suggest cancer, or some other disease process, may be forming. If the heat is caused by the bra, there is essentially a false positive result, which can lead to stress, fear, panic, and unnecessary treatments. 

It would be wise for any positive results showing heat to be reassessed after at least one month of eliminating the bra. Since the bra can also cause heat, you need to eliminate that variable to understand whether the heat is caused by a disease process or by the bra.

The Bra-Cancer Link

Eliminating the bra may also help you prevent breast cancer. Numerous studies are now showing that there is a significant link between tight bras and breast disease, including breast cancer. For details, see

The bra-cancer link is an inconvenient truth for the bra industry, and an embarrassment to the medical industry (which has defensively been fighting against women knowing about this link). But women who stop wearing bras feel the difference in comfort and health, and are doing the best thing they can to prevent breast pain, cysts, and cancer. 

Since thermography has the ability to show women the state of their breast health with and without a bra, women can see for themselves, on themselves, how their bra has been harming their breasts.

Women can see that by eliminating the bra, they will have cooler, happier breasts. And that’s the way to prevent, not just detect, breast cancer. 

From “Bra-dom” to Freedom

Life is about choices. Bras are a choice, and a harmful one for the breasts. 

Thermography can help women through their journey from breast-bondage and disease, to bra-freedom and health.  

Women who would like to transition from “bra-dom” to freedom can get help from the International Bra-Free Study. This online, ongoing research project has women from over 38 countries currently enrolled in a self-study where they stop wearing bras and report their results. Join the study for free at

Here is an article about the preliminary results from the study: If Breasts Could Talk.

In conclusion, we live in a bra-using culture that is rife with breast disease because of the bra. Too much money is at stake for this information to be uncensored, so you are on your own. Fortunately, you can stop wearing bras right away and reap immediate benefits of health and comfort. 

And the next time you think about irradiating your breasts with x-rays, maybe try a thermogram instead. Get rid of your bra first, though. That will likely resolve any issues you may currently have with your breasts, and you can see the results in living color.


Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, Second Edition, by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, Square One Publishers, 2017) 




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