Human impact rising on Planet Earth


The Hawaii islands are home to the longest running Impact data-set for measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide. The Mauna Loa monitoring station started measuring in 1958, little more than half a century ago.

Whilst human industrialization began arguably over 200 years ago, although the enclosure of the commons, state dependency and factory style cities began appearing in the 1400s. Human population has not slowed since then but increased exponentially to greater than 7B today. Pollution from our business processes has risen and has begun to degrade our planet home.


Carbon dioxide accumulation theories surfaced way back in the 1700s, built on the work of foundational scientists like Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, and then Fourier, Tyndale and Svante Arrhenius. Svante theorized, in 1896 that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by industrial society could heat the surface of the Earth. He stated in 1898, “We are evaporating our coal mines into the air.” Despite our best science, human political-economic institutions are still evaporating coal mines, oil fields and shale oils into the air at an average of 70-Million tons per day- measured since the beginning of industrial civilization.

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