Age of Hypershift

Reading the signals of Future


by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow

Welcome to the Age of Hyper-Shift!
What’s so different about the impact of technology and globalization on yesterday’s careers?

—here yesterday
—gone today
—forgotten tomorrow


screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-10-48-24-pmAsk yourself: Is America ready for a future where change is the only constant?

Are YOU?

Are YOU ready for an economy entrenched in engineering, information technology, and computer science work, leaving behind yesterday’s manufacturing, agricultural and industrial jobs?

adaptation-823401_12801Choose. Be very careful. What is needed today may not be needed tomorrow because, in this time of hyper-shift, a time unlike any other before now, running your career as your business not as your job, is your only sensible strategy.

As a starting point, let go of the past and believe your eyes:

There’s plenty of work to be done.

Just let go, take a deep breath and realize that over half (maybe more) of the work we once did in America will disappear within a few short years.

Then, learn to shift in-sync with the changes that will affect

If you cannot find new ways to do things more efficiently and in tandem with the signals from the future, your career will not thrive nor likely survive.

Let us show you a dozen ways people are working today – well beyond the old world of jobs.
You’ll be glad you did!

 You have more opportunities than you dare to dream; the key is to get in sync with what’s coming – not what’s been.


Our experts are here to guide you into the complex world of 21st century work.

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