I must dust! 11-month-old Hawaii baby sweeps and cleans the house in his diaper while yelling with glee in heartwarming home video

Hawaii Baby Sweeps and Cleans the house in his diaper


Over the holidays, this heartwarming video of a baby cleaning his house in Hawaii went viral.

Kailua, Hawaii – Hawaii-based YouTuber Kittdorable shared this video of 11 month old Liam dusting and using a Swiffer to sweep the floor


He developed a passion for dusting after learning how to walk. The toddler can be seen sweeping the house with a Swiffer broom and dusting any and every object that is in front of him.

“He will cry if we try and stop him. I have to distract him to get the Swiffer away from him.”

As you can see in the video he is not just pushing it around he actually goes for the dust and picks it all up even getting under things. He is actually doing a fantastic job cleaning. The bottom of the Swiffer is filled with dog hair, which he is careful to sweep up when he sees it.

According to his Aunt, he wants to vacuum but isn’t strong enough yet.

Next, the amazing baby can be seen using a handheld duster to clean off electronics on the TV stand, reaching high above his head to dust the cable box.

He even tries to dust the sleeping cat.

His mother Noosha was thrilled when Liam started helping her around the house

“He’s cleaning every day. He knows where the cleaning closet is, grabs the dusters and off he goes cleaning up the house,” she said. “When he’s at Grandma’s house he follows the cleaning lady around and cleans after her too – he loves it!”

Liam is so enamored with cleaning that he finds himself frustrated because he can’t do more.

“He really wants to vacuum and tries to grab it,” she explained. “We got him his own mini dirt devil but he loves to watch us vacuum and get frustrated he can’t do it yet.

“Everyone’s amazed by Liam – I have people tell me all the time that they’ve never seen a baby clean like this. I hope he is still this happy to clean when he becomes a teen!”




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