The Origin of the Shaka – A new Story

A new story has emerged about the possible origin of the shaka.


The shaka hand sign originated in Hawaii and is used to say hi, thank you, goodbye, all right, and thank you.

Up until recently, the story we have all been told about the origin of the shaka was about the Laie a fisherman who lost 3 middle fingers. He could no longer work so he became a security guard on the sugar train between Sunset Beach and Kaaawa. He was always trying to keep kids of the train, so kids used to use the Shaka to communicate he was not looking, mocking the missing fingers.


However, recently Tundadun Films released this video where they talked to their Grandmother. Born November 20, 1923, she tells a very different story about the origin of the shaka.

Sounds plausible.  So which story do you believe?




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