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Kym Pine
Kym Pine

BY HONOLULU COUNCIL MEMBER KYMBERLY PINE – As Ana approaches our shores, the City’sDepartment of Emergency Management (DEM) advises O‘ahu residents to prepare a 7-dayDisaster Supply Kit.

Although Ana may be a tropical storm when she approaches the Hawaiian Islands later this week, strong winds, flooding rains and storm surge could result in evacuations. To receive the most updated forecast track of Ana’s path, click here to visit theCentral Pacific Hurricane Center website.


With Hawai‘i’s remoteness it could be as long as a week before a full disaster relief operation can be initiated. Hawai‘i residents need to be prepared to take care of all of their emergency needs and those of their family for at least seven days following a major island or state-wide disaster.

7-Day Disaster Supply Kit

Your disaster supply kit should contain enough of the following items to last for 7-days:

Water – One gallon of water per person per day for seven days for drinking and sanitation

Food – Non-perishable food that does not require cooking. Popular local foods such as Spam, corned beef and Vienna sausage

Eating Utensils – Plates, mess kits, forks and chop sticks. Don’t forget a non-electric can opener for canned foods

Radio – Battery-powered or hand crank radio with NOAA Weather alert

Light – Flashlight and/or a portable fluorescent or LED light

Spare batteries – Check annually

First Aid – Get a first aid kit and consider enrolling in a certified first aid, CPR and AED course

Whistle – Important for signaling for help. A whistle carries much farther than the human voice and uses less energy than yelling

Dust Mask – Helps to filter contaminated air

Sanitation – Moist towelettes, toilet paper, 5-gallon bucket, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation

Tools – Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities, duct tape

Maps – Local area maps

Prescription – Special medications and glasses

Pets – Pet food and extra water for your pet

Emergency Information

In addition to being prepared, residents should maintain a high level of awareness anytime an active tropical cyclone system is near the Hawaiian Islands. The Department of Emergency Management will issue Emergency Public Information over TV and radio. In addition residents can receive emergency information via:

NOAA Weather Radio – NOAA Weather Alert Radios can notify you 24 hours a day to hazards in our area including severe weather, hurricanes and tropical storms and tsunami events. In addition many of these units can activate other warning devices such as a strobe light to provide a visual warning. These radios are available from many Oahu electronics and department stores.

NIXLE Messaging – DEM highly recommends signing up to receive emergency email and text messages sent directly to your cell phone from Nixle. Go to to set up your account. Standard text messaging charges may apply.

Social Media – DEM will also issue information updates via Twitter: Facebook: NOTE: DEM Twitter and Facebook pages should not be used to request emergency assistance.