Kailua Fireworks Hopes to Relaunch 65-Year Tradition After 4th of July Fizzle in 2012

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Kailua, Hawaii – Community volunteers have formed a new organization and are committed to bringing the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration back to Kailua in 2013.

Kailua Fireworks is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 2012 for the sole purpose of raising funds for and putting on an annual firework display on Kailua Bay.


“For 65 years we’ve celebrated Independence Day with a 4th of July fireworks show here in Kailua,” explains Brook Gramann, who’s spearheaded fundraising efforts in past years.

“In 2008, Kailua businesses and residents joined forces to continue the tradition after we learned the Kailua Chamber of Commerce would be discontinuing sponsorship of the event.”   

It became increasingly difficult to raise funds for the event so for just the second or third time in Kailua’s history, the 4th of July Fireworks celebration did not take place in 2012. 

“The disappointment in the community led to the formation of the new group of volunteers to ensure that the cherished tradition will continue, beginning with July 4, 2013,” says Jody Sakaba, committee member and spokesperson for the group.

“Kailua Fireworks will have all of the permits in place and is in the process of raising money.

“To really kick off the summer, our community counts on the 4th of July parade and the 4th of July fireworks.  It’s up to the community — the businesses where we shop every day and the residents themselves —to raise the money for the fireworks.” Sakaba explains.

$70,000 must be raised to put the show on. This includes funds for the fireworks, signage, road blocks and off duty police officers.

Business sponsors are being contacted now for donations. Individuals who would like to donate can donate online atwww.kailuafireworks.com or by mail (checks can be sent to Kailua Fireworks, 600 Kailua Road, No. 119, Kailua, Hawaii 96734). Checks should be made out to Kailua Fireworks.