Kauai Brothers Launch High Tech Custom Computer Company

New Patent - Fastest Computers for the Brightest Minds in Hawaii

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Less than a year ago, two Island School brothers decided to follow their dream and start their own cutting-edge technology company, Solomon Technologies (Solomon-tech.com). Solomon Technologies builds high-end custom computers designed for large workloads and graphic intensive tasks.  In addition to the many computers they have custom built, their current flagship computer is the fastest water cooled computer on the island of Kauai.

Aidan, an Island School Junior, has a passion and impressive knowledge of hardware, components and building of computers, while Reagan, an Island School eighth grader, has developed amazing skills in software engineering, graphics, photo shop and video production. The brothers have engineered numerous computers since founding the company less than twelve months ago.


Displaying image005.pngAidan, the 17-year-old CEO and founder, became interested in computer hardware at an early age when he started taking apart his father’s old computers. He spent hundreds of hours researching and studying computer components to understand the function of each and how they work together. He saved up his money until he could afford to purchase the components to build his own extremely fast computer in 2015 before starting the company.

Reagan, age 14, is the CTO and founder of Solomon Technologies. Reagan became interested in programming and software at the age of 10 and has been creating websites, mastering photoshop and other design/graphics programs, working with video editing/production to compete with any professional. Reagan does the digital marketing, social media development, and website design for the company.

Aidan and Reagan’s new patent applications are designed to cool computers more efficiently to allow computers to operate at faster speeds.

“We are proud to help create opportunities for our island of Kauai and are excited to reach out to all of the Hawaiian Islands.” – Aidan Wilson, CEO


For more information about how Solomon-Technologies can create your custom computer or high end website, visit www.Solomon-Tech.com.




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