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“Valor with Honor” is an independent documentary film based on over 35 interviews of Japanese American veterans who served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during WW2. This small segregated unit of 3500 men is the most decorated American unit for its size and length of service (3 years). By the end of WW2, the 442nd would be awarded with 8 Presidential Unit Citations, 21 Medals of Honor (upgraded from DSC), over 500 Silver Stars, and over 9000 Purple Hearts. In 2012, the 100th Battalion, 442nd, and MIS were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for outstanding service in WW2. The 85 minute feature film describes the harrowing stories of 442nd’s battles in Italy, the Lost Battalion Rescue in France, the assault up Mount Folgorito, and witness to the holocaust at Dachau, Germany. The film concludes with the vets bittersweet return home to America. The entire film is woven through stories told by the veterans themselves. Currently, the film is being shown at select screenings across the US. Link to the Facebook film group “Valor with Honor” for online updates and news about this documentary film.

“Valor with Honor” not only records the deeds and emotions of the veterans of the 442nd, but highlights the difficult struggle of the brave Nisei both on and off the battlefield. It is a suburb documentary.” Professor Joe Roth SJSU


“Valor with Honor” is an independently produced documentary that is emotionally powerful and thought provoking! Unlike many historians, Takeuchi does not interpret history. The story of the 442nd is carried forward by the actual veterans telling their own stories, as they experienced it. I felt like I was in their living room, sitting across from them, as they spoke to me. The stories flowed , thanks to the superb editing….” Henry Sakaida (historian)

“Valor with Honor” preserves vivid first hand accounts of fierce battles, dramatic rescues, and the liberation of Jewish prisoners at Dachau” Esther Newman, Discover Nikkei

“The love and dedication you put into your film was so obvious and inspiring. I think what was most touching was that its completion was for the vets and their legacy, which I feel exemplifies the spirit of their own heroic actions and sacrifices.” Tadamori Yagi (writer and actor)

“Mesmerizing! Made me more aware of the rights and privileges I have today which I often take for granted. Thanks in part to the tremendous sacrifices of those who came before me. I dont really want to admit it…but watching this film brought tears to my eyes…” George So (teacher)

“Valor With Honor” is a moving important film that captures history from those who lived it. I hope it finds a large audience so that they may become as touched and informed as I was. My deepest thanks to its dedicated filmmaker, Burt Takeuchi. Thank you so much.” Dennis Sakamoto (Acting and filmmaking instructor “Just for Actors”)

“Valor With Honor” was great! It’s amazing to see the actual 442nd vets telling their stories. I’m not Japanese & I hope they know that they weren’t just heroes to the Japanese Americans but carried all Asian Americans with them. Thanks for telling their story & helping me learn a little more of their emotional journey & grace during such horrifically challenging times both at home & abroad. Lisa Bremer (fan)

“Thank you for making this movie. These stories should be remembered forever and these men not forgotten.” George Ow Jr. (fan)




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