Life Line Screening to Provide Preventative Health Screenings across Oahu in November

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INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – Life Line Screening will host 18 preventative health screening events across the island of Oahu in November. This marks the first time the company has provided its services in Hawaii.

“The prevalence of chronic disease in the US has never been higher, currently accounting for 70% of American deaths each year.  Prevention and early intervention are critical in our fight chronic illnesses,” shared vascular surgeon George Lavenson, M.D., a member of Life Line Screening’s Scientific Advisory Network and a Hawaii resident. “As a vascular surgeon, I encourage all patients to be aware of their risk factors—including age, family history, and lifestyle—and undergo screening as appropriate.”


Life Line Screening will administer four vascular screening tests, osteoporosis screenings, and a range of laboratory testing including checks for cholesterol and diabetes risk, as well as the Six for Life health assessment, which provides a personalized report on a patient’s risk of major chronic diseases. Screenings will be held November 3-22. To schedule a screening, call 1-800-635-0783 orvisit

“Preventive health screenings provide individuals with information that can help them better manage their health and take action when medical intervention or lifestyle changes can still make a difference,” said Dr. Andy Manganaro, Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening.  “The movement towards patient accountability and preventive care will be beneficial to effectively manage chronic disease.”

When surveyed, nine out of 10 practicing cardiovascular specialists believe that screening people with two or more risk factors is a helpful tool. Patients increasingly want to be informed partners in their own health care. Community-based screenings can serve as an important tool in early disease detection and management, placing the consumer “in the driver’s seat” of his or her health.[1]

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is the nation’s leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings and has a primary focus the early detection of subclinical atherosclerosis, the underlying cause of stroke and heart attack.

Highly trained ultrasound teams are on staff to bring preventive screenings to convenient locations in local communities. The company has screened more than 8 million people since 1993. For more information






  1. Residents of Oahu who go to this screening should ask to see their technologists credentials. Make sure they are registered to perform the services. Just like a Registered Nurse or Board Certified MD, these people should be Registered Vascular and Cardiac Sonographers through a national credentialing organization.

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