Mayor Hannemann Should Veto Expansion of B&Bs

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The bed-and-breakfast Bill 7, currently at the City Council, will require the city to expand its workforce in order to meet the enforcement demands that this commercial activity will bring to our residential communities. It is obvious that Bill 7 will increase the stress on our communities, especially when we are trying to economize and become more efficient.

Then why is Kailua’s Councilman Ikaika Anderson pushing this commercial zoning on his neighborhood? Are the residents of Kalihi pushing their Councilman Rod Tam into passing the B&B law? Does Chairman Todd Apo serve his constituents in Ko Olina and the West Oahu neighborhoods by supporting Bill 7? If so, why do these communities want B&Bs in their neighborhoods now?


Bill 7 would negatively impact the Waikiki hotel neighborhood. Many small off-beach hotels (200 or fewer rooms) will find it hard to compete with quality B&Bs that offer the same daily rates. The B&B nestled in a quiet residential beachfront community has the edge over a small hotel room in noisy Waikiki.

Why would the city want to expand tourism into our residential neighborhoods during this deep and ongoing recession? Why does the City Council even consider expanding the city work force now, especially to commercialize our residential communities?

Mahalo to four Council members for supporting the integrity of the residential communities that they represent by opposing Bill 7. Our mayor supports our residential neighborhoods and the Waikiki hotel community, so he should veto any bills expanding B&Bs into our residential communities.

‘Bob Hampton is a resident of Hawaii Kai’