NY’s 23rd Congressional District Election — Time for Another Party Has Arrived- Republican Party Candidate Crushed by Another Party’s Candidate (Also Republican).

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America needs Another Party, because exactly, and only, two of anything is the definition of polarization, and political polarization leads to un-governability. That’s because 50%-50% (plus or minus 3%) coin-flip elections are the hallmark of political polarization, and just look and the rancor spawned by only these three such results: 2000 Bush-Gore election; 2008 Barney Frank election; 2009 House vote on a health Bill. Conversely, it’s literally impossible to polarize more than two of anything.

Actually with only 10% 1/ of Hawaii’s lawmakers still Republican, the GOP must be reformed or replaced before polarization can be addressed. And because I don’t believe America’s founders could have created America by remaining loyal to the Crown and “working from within” to “reform” a moribund, corrupt old Monarchy, I believe replacement is needed. Nothing in the Universe lasts forever, so why should political parties? But, regardless, Hawaii needs at last one Another Party.


And surprise. America is not “supposed to be” ruled by a two-party system. Thomas Jefferson said — “If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all”. Those are not the words of a man who would have applauded America being ruled by a two party monopoly.

Note: Another Party is not a Third Party, i.e. It is not the alter ego of an iconic leader (e.g. Perrot, Forbes, Ron Paul, and with a 10% GOP, perhaps Lingle), and it is not a group whose focus on a single want limits its membership to ankle-biting size. (e.g. Greens, NOW, and often Libertarians).

Furthermore, Third Party platforms mostly fall outside the extremes set by the polarized parties. However, Another Party would find much room for its platform between the extremes defined by the polarized monopoly parties