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In a world where Sci-fi and superheroʼs are at the forefront of out social lives; be it from movies or books. The notion of a mermaid living in Hawaii doesnʼt seem that far fetched at all… But take away the drama and the special effects, this mermaid is a real life hero, or at least for the children that meet her.

Mermaid Kariel is a mermaid on a mission, a mission to teach children their own self worth, through the magic of her very own childrenʼs book. The negative effects of low self esteem will plague a persons entire life; whether it be a heightened sense of anxiety, a pessimistic outlook, a reluctance to take on new challenges or even depression.


This critical foundation of self worth begins not in adolescence or high school but in early childhood. So early childhood is where Kariel plans to hook them onto a life filled with optimism and joy. Instead of just preaching to the metaphorical toddler choir, kariel embodies this way of life. To older kids she is an example that even the weirdest of dreams can come true if you believe in yourself and your own infinite power, and to younger children she opens up the world of wonderment and imagination.

As just a toddler herself Kariel would spend hours dreaming up her life beneath the waves uncovering all the ʻseaʼcrets the oceans held. She got the inspiration for her dreams from the Wyland puzzles she played with, and without an easy path set before her, this little girl knew without a shadow of a doubt that one day she would explore this underwater world with the artist that she so admired. And as fate (and a lot of hard work) would have it Kariel did that very thing, collaborating and modeling for her childhood hero Wyland.

So Kariel takes her message to classrooms and libraries, dressed in full mermaid costume, she teaches these children-who have perhaps been told they canʼt become a space cadet, or mermaid- that anything is possible if you believe in your talents. She reads to them a story of stepping out of her comfort zone and sharing her talents, she teaches love and hope.

She teaches them to believe, because belief in themselves will be the ultimate benefactor to their self worth.

Kariel released her self esteem childrens’ book June, 2012. She is currently on a book signing tour and is able to come to your school or nonprofit to help raise self esteem awareness, add a little excitement to your event, and possibly help raise funds for your cause. Please contact Mermaid Kariel to add your event to her book tour. You can find Tour dates on her Events page.

Purchase a copy of Mermaid Kariel’s book and one will automatically be donated to a school. If you would like to simply donate a book to a classroom you can also indicate in the notes that this is a donation only.

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