Most Hawaii People Do Not Support Akaka bill

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”’The Honolulu Star-Bulletin”’ 7/25/03 article, “Federal lawyers take up legality of Akaka bill,” quoted Congressman Neal Abercrombie’s comment about “the deep emotional commitment of Hawaii people of all races to justice for native Hawaiians.” Mr. Abercrombie is probably right if he is referring to the good will we all feel for our Hawaiian friends, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, calabash cousins, spouses and loved ones.

But if he means most Hawaii people of all races support the Akaka bill, or making Hawaiians wards of the DOI (as the Akaka bill would do), we respectfully disagree.


At the only hearings on the bill in Hawaii, in the Summer of 2000, opposition testimony outnumbered favorable testimony by nine-to-one, according to a prominent local political commentator who attended the hearings.

On Feb. 9 of this year, a poll by Ward Research, Inc. asked, “Would you be willing to pay more taxes if you believe government has developed a good solution to” (various issues). Of the six topics covered, Hawaiian issues came in last. Fifty two percent said they were “Willing to pay no more tax” to “address Native Hawaiian concerns.”

The Akaka bill would impose Apartheid upon Hawaii, the most beautifully assimilated, intermarried, racially blended state in the nation. We want to remain one state, undivided, with the security, widely-shared prosperity, liberty, equal justice and Aloha for All that comes with being citizens of the United States.

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