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Enough about the past; let’s talk about the future of work.stopwatch-2061848_1920

How, when and where will we work?


We are already working full-time, part-time, on-demand, temporarily, once-in-awhile time…

…from home, from our car, a train, plane or automobile and from across town or across the world.

We work for free, for a fee, for ourselves, for the good of others, for learning and/or for the fun of it!

We gain-share, bargain or are paid an hourly rate.

The speed of change is accelerating!

Within a year or two, few people will be asking the question we are asking.

How when and where will we work?

Your wingmen believe, the more you have to offer the changed market, the more choices you’ll have to work in any – or all – ways; we see into the future.

The more you prepare to meet change, the more adaptable you’ll be.

The better you’ll accommodate swiftly moving life circumstances and interests; The more sustainable you’ll become.

Your job is your business, your business is your job.

Pivot to the Pacific, into YOUR future.

workforcewingmentaglogoWe are your Wingmen

Reach out to your favorite wingman—we are multi-generational coaches. You will benefit from our proven 8-Step process. Let us guide you to what you need to know and do in order to advance your career in a time of hyper-shift. We can help you implement a plan that will work for you the day after the day after tomorrow.

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