Office of Hawaii Affairs Bill Needed to Stop Recycling Trustees

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BY JACKIE KAHOOKELE BURKE – Mahalo Senators Brickwood Galuteria and Clayton Hee for passing Senate Bill 3 through committees.  Let Representative Karl Rhoads (HB:1087) know this will help Hawaiians and everyone have a fairer process of electing OHA Trustees.

Look at the data: the winner’s votes will not be more than the sum of adding up the second and third, or even fourth place winners votes. It is an election set-up so loop-sided to always favor the incumbents, who once they get in, won’t change the election laws.


Aloha Shirts, signs, street waving or having your last name start with the letter “A” so that OAHU can elect every trustee (yes, all Islands trustees are voted in by OAHU)! Our neighbor islands under the “one-man, one-vote” never see their island winner in office, unless unopposed.  Molokai gave up trying to get pass OAHU.

OHA’s Trustee’s unknowingly gave away the submerged ceded lands in Kakaako. Why?  Fix the election process by supporting this bill.


Jackie Kahookele Burke is a resident of  Lihue, Kauai and has a website at