Sequester Undercuts The Liberal End Game

President Barack Obama
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President Barack Obama

By Christopher G. Adamo –  It has been a surreal week, beginning with Michelle Obama’s looming appearance on a giant television screen at the Academy Awards to present the Oscar for best picture. As the Friday deadline for the congressional sequester approached, Barack Obama has likewise made himself incessantly present in the public eye, with his numerous appearances and announcements, all of which warn of impending calamity if the nation is foolhardy enough to retreat, even in the slightest, from his agenda of reckless spending. The shrillness of his tone and shameless exaggerations of unfathomable repercussions from the budgetary sequester lend credence to the fact that he is adamantly opposed to it, but for reasons that his minions in the liberal media dare not mention.

In a speech given at the Eisenhower Office Building on February 19, Obama made such outlandish claims of disaster in virtually every branch of government that his presentation bordered on the comical, except that his intentions were far from humorous. Worse yet, even a cursory examination of the potentially failing government functions he outlined brings to mind the manner in which his administration has deliberately hamstrung and undermined the legitimate functions of government as he seeks to remake the nation according to the sordid precepts of the political left. Wednesday’s release of up to thirty thousand illegal alien criminals from jails, on the phony grounds that the impending funding reductions required such a move, was a seditious move deliberately designed to create chaos on Main Street in order to validate his outlandish contentions.


Furthermore, it is beyond absurd for Barack Obama to warn the American people that border security might be compromised if those despicable “cuts” are implemented, when he and his Department of Justice lackey Eric Holder have done more to compromise the integrity of the nation’s border than any individual since General Cornwallis. Never in the four years of the Obama Administration has any serious consideration been given to securing the borders, and in fact Obama and Holder have stridently undermined efforts by the states to undertake their own efforts to stop the influx of illegal aliens.

Also in the same speech, Obama warned of dire consequences for the economy, as if the nation has been basking in prosperity since the advent of his regime. Perhaps somebody should explain to the spendthrift in chief, as well as his enabling minions on Capitol Hill, that an unemployment rate of eight percent was considered in the past to be evidence of an abysmal economy. More than four years in that condition is almost unprecedented. Furthermore, basic economic principles dictate that sapping additional trillions from the producers in the Heartland, to be fed to his federal leviathan, only weakens the free market and drastically reduces its ability to manufacture the goods and deliver the services which generate real employment and provide for the needs of consumers.

The truest indicator of Obama’s real purpose for his indefensible scaremongering is that he sought to blame the Republican Party, on the basis of barely two percent reductions in the rate of growth of government, for all of the problems he and his cohorts have caused over the past four years. The general degradation of life in America can be directly correlated to the implementation of his Marxists policies, from Obamacare to the explosion of regulations in virtually every facet of commerce, to the grasping and tightening nanny state tentacles stifling this once free country. Yet with no apparent qualms of conscience whatsoever, he flagrantly points a finger at anyone but himself as the culprit, at once affronting all who know better while showing complete contempt for those who still believe him as he peddles his deceptions.

Clearly, Barack Obama and the cabal of leftists he leads are convinced that since November’s elections, they have been given the green light to fully transform this nation through any possible means. Past firewalls of separated government powers are of no more consequence than that irritating and archaic spoiler known as the Constitution, and the occasional references to it by his opposition who hope to slow his onslaught.

Nevertheless, it is this very situation, and the precarious manner in which the current controversy teeters in the balance, that has those on the left so panicked, not for the fate of the nation, but for their own political fortunes. What Obama knows, but his Republican “opposition” still fails to grasp, is that they possess the means of thoroughly refuting his pathological scaremongering, and in that manner can potentially discredit all of his former contrived crises.

The reality of the sequester is far different from the feigned reign of terror promised by Obama and the Democrats. A trillion dollar “cut” from projected spending, spread out over at least a decade, actually translates to inconsequential downward revisions in the rate of anticipated budget growth during any given year. This represents only more of the typical WashingtonD.C. sleight of hand, with absolutely no reductions in the ravenous spending spree of the past four years. And while those hordes of bureaucrats on the federal dole are not likely to thin their ranks to any great extent, the situation also proves that all of the Democrat efforts to create panic over the looming sequester are empty hype. This is true as well of every past calamity foretold by the liberal establishment as it sought to stampede the American public into its camp.

The American people will not starve in the streets if Obama fails to get his latest tax hike “on the rich” (which invariably finds its way into the withholdings of middle class paychecks). The lights will not go out across the land if he is prevented from squandering billions more on fruitless “green energy” programs that funnel taxpayer dollars to his favored supporters. Nor will the military be crippled in its efforts to provide for the common defense. Obama’s mindless obsession with bloating every facet of the United States government has not proven to be essential to anyone or anything other than the political fortunes of opportunistic statists.

If Republicans’ resolve does not collapse at the midnight hour (and admittedly, this is a big “if”), a tiny first step towards curtailing the spiraling costs of government will have taken place. And to the amazement of many, the sun will come up on schedule the next morning. Perhaps all of the other hysteria by which the people have been systematically coerced to forfeit their inheritance as Americans was just as devoid of substance as the cataclysmic predictions related to the sequester. This is a point that Obama and his lapdogs cannot afford for the American to people ponder.





  1. Despite the fact that the content of your article points out the depressing reality of Obama's leftist plan for America, I was pleased to see someone so succinctly and clearly sum up the mind-boggling "Sequester" ruse. In one article you have "outed" Obama's latest Three-card Monte style fear-tactic propaganda ploy.

  2. I do, however, believe that the republicans do know they can refute Obama's pathological scaremongering but they chose not to, perhaps for their own political fortunes. Congress has a public forum and many constituents who oppose and abhor what this administration is doing to the country, and it is their job and obligation to give them a voice. Yet they remain silent year after year and do nothing more the make feints at stopping Obama and his leftist minions. Obama would never have been able to implement his Marxist policies to the extent he has without the tacit cooperation of the other two branches of government and the forth estate, namely the mainstream media. It should be the job of the media to be a forth branch of government, so to speak. Factually reporting the actions of the three branches of government is true transparency and the only way to keep the "mainstream public" informed and the government accountable to Americans. This administration would never have been able to be this successful in undermining American freedoms and lambasting the Constitution had the mainstream media, congress, and the Republican party, been reporting their every move. (And let's not forget the Supreme Court upholding "obamacare".)

  3. From outside, Obama's politics looks pretty great. But reading this website I've started to have doubts. Plus that he avoided to take any measures in Putin's case… Why do you elected him for the second time if you saw he is not good at all for this?

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