Political Tittle-tattle: News and Entertainment from Hawaii’s Political Arena – Feb. 2, 2004 -Battle of Good vs. Evil; Democrat Leadership in Senate Introduces Bill That Jeopardizes Lieutenant Governor’s Family – Will Be Heard Monday Morning; Testimony Pours in for Bill to Give Public a Say in State Education System – Democrat Chair Uses Delay Tactics to Kill Interest in Reforms; Hawaii’s Report Card Shows Residents Survive Despite Government; City Bank Uses Political Ties to Thwart Takeover by Central Pacific; Legislation Hurts Shareholders, Hawaii Public Companies; Flower Biz Blossoms

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”The Battle of Good vs. Evil”


Lawmakers might not think of themselves as warriors battling for good or for evil — but they are indeed.

They are either on the side of good — giving people more freedom, following the U.S. Constitution, allowing people to become more prosperous, protecting those who truly need protection, forcing those who don’t to stop leeching from the government and taxpayers and representing the people, not special interests.

Or they are on the side of evil — and they support taking away freedom, sucking the prosperity from people, subsidizing the weak to the point where they become weaker, using euphemisms not truth to forward their political images, and caring more about their re-election than the people who put them there.

Lawmakers truly on the side of good will risk their political careers and support of their lawmaker peers to fight for good. Those on the side of evil will give up their integrity and beliefs for a deal, and vote the way everyone else does just because they are told to by those more politically powerful than them.

There is nowhere in Hawaii where observers can see the battle for good and evil better than at the Hawaii State Legislature, now in session at the State Capitol in Honolulu until May 6, 2004.

For example, some lawmakers are proposing to reduce the amount of money the government takes from Hawaii’s poorest families by reducing their tax burden, while there are those unwilling to budge and help these poor people, but claim to be fighting for the poor.

There are those lawmakers proposing to help small business owners so they can employ more people and provide voluntarily higher wages and better benefits, but then there are lawmakers unwilling to help Hawaii’s most vulnerable in business thus jeopardizing not only small business, but employment and the economy.

There are lawmakers proposing legislation that will ensure children in Hawaii’s public schools do not ever get a quality education and that parents will never have choice over their children’s education. Meanwhile others fight to let the people decide what kind of education system they want for their community.

There are even lawmakers intentionally trying to bring personal harm to specific people or companies with their legislation — and knowingly doing so — all in the name of politics.

The battle comes down to this: “Good” lawmakers have a fundamental belief that the majority of the people in Hawaii are smart enough to make decisions for themselves, conscientious, good to their family, willing to help others, and able to create prosperity and wealth for themselves and others if left alone. The evil, and the irony of the evil, is those who fight against freedom, prosperity and happiness for individuals do not believe in or trust in the very people who elected them to office.

Here are some examples.

”Democrat Leadership in Senate Introduces Bill That Jeopardizes Lieutenant Governor’s Family