Those Moderate" Clintons"

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By now it should be evident, even to the casual political observer, that a major effort is under way to revise the entire history of the Clinton years. Throughout the mainstream media, Bill and Hillary are consistently being portrayed as “moderates,” apparently to their own delight. While Bill is likely participating in this ruse largely for the sake of his legacy and his insatiable ego (one of several “insatiable” facets of his persona), to Hillary, such a “makeover” is absolutely essential if she is to have any hope of fulfilling her presidential aspirations in 2008. As is usually the case when discussing the Clintons, a reality check is in order.

Though Bill Clinton did superficially embrace some conservative ideas such as welfare reform and traditional marriage for the sake of expediency, those actions were never anything but diversionary tactics. Without exception, every judicial appointment, every executive order, and every international accord was designed to move the social order and political agenda as far to the left as possible.


When the Clintons descended upon Washington D.C. in 1993, they did not do so as “moderates,” but as revolutionaries and national saviors. Along with their comical assurances to conduct the “most ethical presidential administration in history,” they promised to remake the nation, essentially by corrupting such institutions as its healthcare system into something resembling the overburdened socialist utopias of Europe.

From the moment the election results were confirmed, and throughout their pre-inauguration gatherings (one of which appeared as a surrealistic combination of a coronation and a Berlin rally from the 1930