Pothole Follow-up

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After viewing the KHON 2 news story as reported by Joe Moore this evening [Jan. 6, 2004, he was] referring to the $150,000 pothole patcher that has yet to be used by either city or state for the job for which it was designed.

The information presented claimed that the pothole patcher could not be used on roads on which the speeds are in excess of 45 MPH, due to the fact the aggregate mix would dislodge and debris would pose a safety issue. Reasonable I’ll agree up to that point, however what was downplayed in the story was the fact a smaller crew would be required to repair the potholes, hmmm. (”’Unions”’ would not have ”’anything”’ to do with preventing the implementation of use??? ”’Naaaah.”’)


After reviewing the stated facts as presented to my two children, a 15-year-old and the other 8 years old, the younger one came to the conclusion first, so she asked, “Why can’t they use the machine on roads that the posted speed limits are lower than 45 MPH?”, she pondered out loud. She then proceeded to name a least 10 specific roads which are listed at below the 45 MPH around Pearl City .I can mention a few also, Kam Hwy (35 MPH), Piikoi (25-30 MPH), Kapahulu (25 MPH) Pali HWY (35 -45 MPH), Alexander Street (25 MPH), Bingham (posted 25 MPH), King Street (25-30 MPH), Beretania (25-35 MPH). The list could go on and on and I’m sure you could name a street or two, likely the one on which you may live, perhaps?

I would have hoped that the bureaucrats would at least try to earn their inflated wage and benefit package by thinking “outside the box,” but again this is Hawaii where nothing will ever change.

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