Rep. Kym Pine Victim of Scam Email Solicitation

Kymberly Pine for Honolulu City Council
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Kymberly Pine for Honolulu City CouncilREP. KYMBERLY PINE – You may have received an email from a third party today or yesterday that claims to be in support of my campaign and requesting donations on my behalf.

My campaign does not support this third party nor do I approve of its negative and false campaign tactics. If you have received an email like this, please contact me by responding to this email.


As a past victim of cyber crime, I want to remind you to never open an email from persons you don’t know.

If you have opened the fraudulent email, do not click on any links as it may be possible that your personal information will be downloaded from your computer to a third party immediately after clicking on a link or visiting its web page.

Even more importantly, do not send money to any third party claiming to be in support of my campaign.

Please also warn other family members and friends who may have received the questionable email to not open it or send money to any outside web sites.

The only approved websites related to me are and

Kymberly Pine is a state Representative and candidate for Honolulu city council





  1. I hesitate to enter the ongoing fray between these two (Pine and Ryan), but Representative Pine is surely aware that her co-sponsored HB 2295, potentially outlawing protected free speech and signed into law by the Governor, does NOT retroactively make her a "victim of cyber crime". Ex post facto laws are forbidden in our Constitution. Any elected legislator should know this.

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