Buddha—Jesus: Common Teachings & Practices

Conversation between Andrew Harvey and Robert Thurman


The Buddha and Jesus began their journeys on Earth at vastly different times, and came out of vastly different circumstances and cultural challenges.

While the spiritual traditions that emerged from the work of these two seminal teachers may seem to have little in common, nothing could be further from the truth.


By merely scratching the surface of Buddhism and Christianity, we can uncover many common teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, affording us the opportunity to evolve our spirituality in ways that can better support us through the challenges of the 21st Century.

That’s why I’m excited that Andrew Harvey and Robert Thurman are coming together for the very first time to help you deepen your understanding of the wisdom, practices and love offered by both Jesus and the Buddha.

I’m pleased to invite you to join these respected spiritual teacher-scholars this Wednesday, August 3, at 5:30pm Pacific, for Rediscovering the Buddha & Jesus: Embracing the Bliss & Blessings of Two Brothers in Light.

You can find out more and register here for this free online event.

Andrew and Robert, who are delightful to listen to and learn from, see the Buddha and Jesus as “two brothers in light” who brought greater awareness and love into our world. Combined, the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha offer you a path of truly embodied bliss and blessing.

During Rediscovering the Buddha & Jesus, you’ll discover:

  • Two inspiring visions of these transformative traditions and how you can integrate their wisdom into your life,
  • The true essence of life and how it can transform your daily existence,
  • The actual science of Love & Bliss which you can apply on your spiritual path,
  • How the Passionate Feminine is central to both traditions — and the key to evolving humanity to the next level of consciousness,
  • Key practices to activate the profound knowledge these two beings and their teachings reveal to us.

It’s sure to be a riveting hour with these two brilliant, humorous and loving scholars and teachers. Prepare to receive wisdom and practices of grace, love and wholeness!

Everyone who registers for Rediscovering the Buddha & Jesus: Embracing the Bliss & Blessings of Two Brothers in Light, will also receive the audio recording afterward. Wisdom, passion and laughter will ensue as Robert and Andrew bring alive the Buddha and Jesus in ways you’ve never before heard.

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