Sen. Slom: Vote for Panos the Engineer – He is Exactly who Oahu Needs Now

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BY SAM SLOM – Panos Prevedouros is the right man for the job of Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. And Panos is a winner.

I find it ironic that some establishment politicians, witnessing Panos’ superior debate skills and direct connection with the voters during the past weeks, and sensing a possible surprise Panos upset victory Saturday, are now urging independent voters to vote for Peter Carlisle. These status quo politicians say Panos can’t win. They acknowledge Panos’ background, experience, common sense solutions to our fiscal, transit, infrastructure, sewer, water and road problems, but nevertheless urge voters to settle for less, much less, while abandoning their principles and common sense.


Peter Carlisle was a great Honolulu City Prosecutor but he would continue— and expand— Hannemann’s failed fiscal and transit policies as Mayor. He has advocated an expansion of the $6 billion train to nowhere, refuses to sign a ‘No New Taxes’ Pledge, talks about higher real property taxes and gives us a hint of more big government to come. Panos, on the other hand, has pledged to stop the train and keep from raising taxes.

I urge everyone to vote boldly and to Vote for Panos the Engineer. It is a meaningful and game changing act of good citizenship.

Honolulu voters have a rare and clearly definable choice for Mayor this Saturday, That obviously has the status quo politicians worried. They have more in common—like staying in office—than what Panos the Engineer has to offer. Voters are excited at the prospect of electing a truly independent and dedicated public servant.  Those who say he can’t win: have they ever heard of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and last night, Delaware? When Panos wins, Honolulu wins.

Sam Slom is a Hawaii State Senator and the head of Smart Business Hawaii