State Cable Television Regulator Not Acting in Best Interest of Consumers

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This is in response to State cable TV regulator Clyde Sonobe’s recent editorial in ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ — “Protecting the Public’s Right to Know” — which is an attempt to discredit my criticism of corrupt State practices.

The title of Mr. Sonobe’s response to my Jan. 21, 2006, oped in ”’Hawaii Reporter”’, “State Regulator Pulling Plug on Cable Access” should have read: “Conflicted State regulator reacts to public criticism” or “Controversial State cable regulator doth protest too much.”


The state’s appointed cable regulator has been the focus of controversy (see ”’Honolulu Weekly”’ cover story “Our Cable Company” April 16, 2003) for years, and now he attacks a private citizen using the author’s name no less than eight times while trying to defend a pattern of questionable State practices that extend over a decade.

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